"Ville is one of the most talented photographers I’ve ever worked with. At the shoot he really takes his place when directing the rock stars. He’s a nice easy going person and doesn’t take himself too seriously. That helps the models to relax and give the best of them to the camera. But same time Ville takes his work very seriously. These skills compined with simply top rock’n’roll photography will take this young man far."

"These photos are amazing!"
-KAT VON D / LA INK 2009

"Great vibe! I really love the look of these!"

"Ville is truly one of a kind!"

"Our mission is to work with the artists with exceptional unique style and Ville is absolutely one of them!"

"Working with Ville has been an absolute pleasure, and his exhibit at the Morrison Hotel Gallery was one of the most successful shows in 2017."
(Morrison Hotel Gallery® is the world leader in fine art music photography representing 125 of the most highly acclaimed music photographers)



email: ville(at)

Donna Delmas
+1 914 441-3467
email: donna(at)

ART CURATOR (photo books & exhibitions)
Caroline Taucher


“From April 2019 I will start shooting portrait photography for private clients as well. I’ve done similar shoots in the past too but they’ve been mainly just for friends. Within last year I’ve just realized more and more that what I really want from life is simple things. That started already 9 years ago after my pilgrimage walk on Santiago’s Road (Camino de Santiago) but within last years I’ve really started to understand what it means in the practical life. What I really love about my work is the actual photographing and meeting people. I'm very much looking forward meeting all the new people to portray!"

You can book photo shoot from this link (in Finnish) or from the contact above.


INTERVIEWS (narrow selection in Finnish & Swedish):

TV1 Puoli Seitsemän 2018: Rock-valokuvaaja Ville Juurikkala valloitti maailman, mutta palasi Suomeen
20 min TV-interview. One of Finland's biggest evening talk shows.

Ilta-Sanomat 2018: Ville Juurikkalalle ovat poseeranneet rokkarit ja seurapiirikaunottaret – näin suomalaismiehestä tuli kansainvälisten tähtien luottokuvaaja
Two page interview. Finland's second biggest newspaper.

MTV Huomenta Suomi 2017: HIM:in tarina luottokuvaajan silmin
7 min TV-interview. Finland's biggest morning talk show.

Helsinkin Sanomat 2017: HIM on esillä New Yorkissa rockvalokuvien huippugalleriassa ensimmäisenä suomalaisartistina
News about Juurikkala's exhibition in New York. Finland's biggest news paper.

Radio Nova 2015: Kansainvälisesti menestynyt rock-valokuvaaja Ville Juurikkala: "Sivustaseuraajanakaan ei meinannut pää pysyä kasassa"
50 min interview. Finland’s biggest radio channel.

Soundi 2015: Suomen tunnetuimman rockvalokuvaajan näyttely Jussi 69:n baariin – "Villen kuvat ovat ajattomia ja uniikkeja taideteoksia"
News about Juurikkala's exhibition in Helsinki. Finland's biggest music magazine.

Rumba 2008: Tähtien kuvaaja Ville Juurikkala
Cover and 4 pages. Finland's second biggest music magazine.

Hufvudstadsbladet Volt 2007: Ville Juurikkala: Shoot From The Hip
Cover and 6 pages. Finland's biggest Swedish news paper.



Ville Akseli Juurikkala (1980) is an awarded photographer/director from Finland. He started working as professional photographer in 1999.

Juurikkala best known from his intensive rock'n'roll portraits but he has a wide ranging career with art and advertising photography.

Juurikkala is officially established by important art museums and galleries. In 2015 Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI purchased Juurikkala's art works (Bad Religion etc.) in their art collection. 2017 he had a solo exhibition at Helsinki Art Museum HAM and later in the same year highly respected American art gallery (Morrison Hotel Gallery) accepted Juurikkala's works in their art collection.

He has been awarded in the most significant advertising competitions in Finland - Vuoden huiput and Kultajyvä (2007)

In 2007 Juurikkala was thinking about staying in Finland to build a bigger career as an advertising photographer. But in the 2008 decided to move to Los Angeles. And very soon after Juurikkala moved to California he was working with many of the world's biggest musicians (Slash/Guns N’ Roses, Chester Bennington/Linkin Park and many others).

"Nowadays most people see me mainly as a rock photographer. Some see my works as art and some think I do mainly advertising. For me it's very difficult to see the difference between these. All my art museum exhibitions have been rock photographs. And all my rock photographs - also the ones in art museums - are advertising photographs too. Or advertising videos when it's about music videos. The main purpose of those works is always about advertising the band in the end.

Since it's impossible to draw the line I personally feel I'm just a photographer. I think my most important skill is that I naturally feel happy and comfortable with people. And usually that's a two way street.

I like my works when ever I'm able to reach something deeper about the personality. Sometimes it's all of joy and many times darker feelings. In real life I'm more of a joyful person but for some reason many people expect to see darker tones in my works. But either way werther is light or darkness I'm usually looking for something intense that evokes emotions. Some people used to call it "stealing the soul". But is the soul something you loose if you show it?"

-Slash (Guns N’ Roses)
-Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
-Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)
-Kat von D (LA Ink)
-Mika Häkkinen (Formula One World Champion)
-Ban Ki-moon (United Nations Secretary-General)

DIRECTOR (few selections):
-Bullet For My Valentine
-Ville Valo (HIM)

COMMERCIAL CLIENTS (few selections):

-United Nations
-Nokian Tyres

-Kalevala Jewelry & Lapponia
-The National Opera & Ballet (Finland)
-Young Director Award

ADVERTISING AGENCIES (few selections):

-Dynamo & Son
-Folk Finland

AWARDS (few selections):

-Vuoden huiput (one of the most significant advertising competitions in Finland): Young Director Award -poster (2007)
-City-lehden kaupungin parhaat
(The Best of Helsinki/Finland): The Best Rock Photographer (2007)
-Oulu Music Video Festival
(Michael Monroe: Ballad of Lower East Side) - People's Choice Winner (2013)

GRANTS (few selections):
-Islander -photo exhibition in Ivana Helsinki Concept Store, New York NY,
2500 euros from Patricia Seppälä Foundation (2012)

-Nightwish: A Day Before Tomorrow -documentary film, 5000 euros from ESEK (2005)

-Morrison Hotel Gallery, New York, NY: "HIM: Right Here In My Eyes" (solo exhibition) 2017
-Helsinki Art Museum HAM / Tennispalatsi, Helsinki FIN: "HIM: Right Here In My Eyes" (solo exhibition) 2017
-Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI, Vantaa FIN: "Vallaton - Rascal" (group show) 2017
-Art on A Gallery, New York, NY: "Shot/Paint by Juurikkala/Mård" (solo exhibition) 2017
-Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI, Vantaa FIN: "Cover Art - Long Live Vinyl" (group show) 2016
-Tiketti Galleria, Helsinki FIN: “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” (solo exhibition) 2015
-Ivana Helsinki Concept Store, New York NY: “Islander” (solo exhibition) 2012
-Finnfest 2011, San Diego CA: "Art With Finnish Feelings” (group show), 2011
-Colosseum Fine Arts, Los Angeles CA (group show) 2010
-Collective Hardware, New York NY: "Happier Endings" (group show), 2009
-Gershwin Hotel, New York NY: "The 69 Eyes: Route 69" (solo exhibition) 2006
-Tennispalatsi, Helsinki FIN: "Keisarikunta" (solo exhibition) 2004

Most pictures on this website are for sale as art prints.
Some of them are available from Morrison Hotel Gallery.
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