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Ville Akseli Juurikkala (1980) is an awarded international photographer/director from Finland. He started working as professional photographer almost 20 years ago in Finland and within the last 10 years he's been working all over the world (mainly Finland, US, UK, and Sweden).

In Finland Juurikkala is officially established by art museums:
-2015 Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI purchased Juurikkala's art works (Bad Religion etc.) in their art collection
-2016-2017 Participating several group exhibition at ARTSI
-2017 Solo exhibition at Helsinki Art Museum HAM

Juurikkala best known as rock photographer since he has portrayed many well known musicians and he has directed music videos and documentary films for various bands. But he also has wide ranging career with all sorts of advertising photography.

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER (selected musicians):
-Slash (Guns N’ Roses)
-Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)
-Chester Bennington (Linkin Park)

PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHER (selected other than musicians):
-Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations 2007-2016)
-Mika Häkkinen (Formula One World Champion 1998-1999)
-Kat von D
(LA Ink)

DIRECTOR (selected):
-Bullet For My Valentine
-Ville Valo (HIM)

ADVERTISING (selected clients):
-Nokia Tyres
-Kalevala Jewelry & Lapponia
-The National Opera & Ballet (Finland)

-United Nations
-Young Director Award

ADVERTISING (selected agencies):

-Hasan & Partners

-Dynamo & Sons

AWARDS (selected):
-Vuoden huiput (advertising competition): Young Director Award -poster(2007)
-Kultajyvä (advertising competition): Young Director Award -poster (2007)
-City-lehden kaupungin parhaat
(The Best of Helsinki Finland): The Best Rock Photographer (2007)
-Oulu Music Video Festival
(Michael Monroe: Ballad of Lower East Side) - People's Choice Winner (2013)

GRANTS (very narrow selection):
-Patricia Seppälä Foundation, "Islander" -photo exhibition in New York: 2500 euro (2012)
-ESEK, Nightwish-dokumentary film: 5000 euro (2005)

EXHIBITIONS (selected):
-Helsinki Art Museum HAM / Tennispalatsi, Helsinki FIN: HIM: Right Here In My Eyes (solo exhibition) 2017
-Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI, Vantaa FIN: "Vallaton - Rascal" (group show) 2017
-Art on A Gallery, New York, NY: "Shot/Paint by Juurikkala/Mård" (solo exhibition) 2017
-Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI, Vantaa FIN: "Cover Art - Long Live Vinyl" (group show) 2016
-Tiketti Galleria, Helsinki FIN: “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” (solo exhibition) 2015
-Ivana Helsinki Concept Store, New York NY: “Islander” (solo exhibition) 2012
-Finnfest 2011, San Diego CA: "Art With Finnish Feelings” (group show), 2011
-Colosseum Fine Arts, Los Angeles CA (group show) 2010
-Collective Hardware, New York NY: "Happier Endings" (group show), 2009
-Gershwin Hotel, New York NY: "Route 69" (solo exhibition) 2006
-Tennispalatsi, Helsinki FIN: "Keisarikunta" (solo exhibition) 2004

MEDIA (very narrow selection):

-Blabbermouth 2017
(in English): HIM Photo Exhibition At Helsinki Art Museum
"Helsinki Art Museum present a unique project by the most famous Finnish rock photographer, Ville Juurikkala"

-Soundi 2015 (in Finnish): Suomen tunnetuimman rockvalokuvaajan näyttely Jussi 69:n baariin
"Villen kuvat ovat ajattomia ja uniikkeja taideteoksia"

-Rumba 2008 (in Finnish): Tähtien kuvaaja Ville Juurikkala (Cover story in the major music magazine in Finland)

-Hufvudstadsbladet Volt 2007 (in Swedish): Ville Juurikkala: Shoot From The Hip
(Cover story in the major Swedish news paper in Finland)

-City-lehti 2007 (in Finnish): Kaupungin parhaat: Kaupungin paras Rock-kuvaaja
(Best of the Helsinki Finland: The best rock photographer)