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Ville Akseli Juurikkala (1980) is an awarded international photographer/director from Finland. He started working as a full time professional almost 20 years ago at very early age (19 years old). Since then he's have been working all over the world (mainly US, UK, and Sweden)

In Finland Ville Juurikkala is officially established artist: in December 2015 Art Museum of Vantaa (ARTSI) purchased 5 of his pieces (Bad Religion, HIM etc.) in their art collection.

Juurikkala has portrayed many of the world's biggest musicians and he has directed music videos and documentary films for various bands:
-Portrait photographer: Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and many others
-Director: Bullet For My Valentine, Nightwish, Ville Valo (HIM) etc.

Therefore it's expected he's best known from his rock'n'roll work. But he has a wide-ranging career behind him:

Advertising clients: Nokia Tyres, Kalevala Jewelry, RAY, Young Director Award and many others.

Portraits out from the music scene (to name a few):
-Ban Ki-moon (Secretary-General of the United Nations 2007-2016)
-Mika Häkkinen (Formula One World Champion 1998-1999)
-Kat von D
(tattoo artist & TV-personality at LA Ink)

Juurikkala did start photography with band shots for friends in high school while he played guitar himself too. But his first paid assignment was to shoot politicians for election advertising. And his first book was a cookery book. Juurikkala was in the very beginning of his career being just 22 years old and he was very surprised when he got an assignment to shoot a book of restaurant Papa Giovanni which was one of the most popular and highly-considered restaurants in Helsinki at 2002. And the book was published by WSOY which still is one of the major book publishing companies in Finland. His next books after that were 2 fitness books and 1 cookery/lifestyle. He has also had a lot of advertising shootings for companies and tv-shows (Idols, Big Brother etc.) during the first 7 years of his career.

It was already until 2005 when Juurikkala got seriously into the rock'n'roll photography. The 69 Eyes: Ruote 69 -photo book was shot pretty much all over the world (Europe, Asia, South-America, North-America) but it's focusing mainly on the band's 2006 US tour. Juurikkala was traveling with them coast to coast (from New York to Los Angeles). The book called came out 2006 and many of the right people in the music industry seemed to like it. During the next year Juurikkala shot official pictures for all the Finland's biggest international bands who were releasing album on the 2007: Apocalyptica, Hanoi Rocks, HIM, and Nightwish. He became as the main photographer for all of these bands at that time and he has done all the official Nightwish shootings until today as well. The 2016 official promo pics for HIM are also by Ville Juurikkala. Nightwish photo book came out 2008 and Apocalyptica 2011.

In year 2007 he won some awards too:
-"Young Director Award" –poster won 2 of the Finland's major advertising awards: Grafia's Best of the Finnish Advertising (Vuoden huiput) and Kultajyvä
-Helsinki's City-magazine (that used to be the the biggest free distribution magazine in Finland) selected Ville as the The Best Rock Photographer in the "Best of the City" -awards.

In the year 2008 American multi-platimun sold Good Charlotte came to Finland. The band was very much in the peak of their career and there was a big fuss around them when they came to Helsinki with their entourage that included Paris Hilton etc. Juurikkala was one of the very few who were invited to their small aftershow party. The singer Joel Madden told that he was a big fan of his photography.

"Joel told me he had my The 69 Eyes -photo book at his home and that he thinks it's one of the most beautiful art pieces he has ever seen" Juurikkala says about the first meeting with Madden, "Then Joel asked me if I had any plans for the next day. He said they wanted me on tour with them straight from there. In few days I was in UK on the tour bus with them."

Couple months after Juurikkala moved to Los Angeles so that he could make new connections while all the international ones in Finland were already shot. But in the beginning was pretty much living with Good Charlotte: touring with them all over and participating weddings, Christmas Eve's, kids' birthdays etc. In addition to the band shots the portraits from those days include lot of their family members too (Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie among others).

Juurikkala did make a lot of other connection too and besides Good Charlotte he has been working as full time house photographer for Kat von D and portrayed numerous amount of other artists.

In addition to the art museum Juurikkala has had many exhibitions in art galleries around the world (mainly in New York & Helsinki but also San Diego & Los Angeles)

More info about the exhibitions and awards etc. in the CV below the selected press.


Soundi 12/2015: Suomen tunnetuimman rockvalokuvaajan näyttely Jussi 69:n baariin, "Villen kuvat ovat ajattomia ja uniikkeja taideteoksia", major music magazine, story of Ville Juurikkala's 2015 retrospective exhibition at Tiketti Galleria & The Riff (Helsinki Finland), in Finnish

Rumba 10/2008: Tähtien kuvaaja Ville Juurikkala, major music magazine, cover story, in Finnish

Hufvudstadsbladet Volt 35/2007: Ville Juurikkala: Shoot from the hip, major news paper's weekly supplement, cover story, in Swedish

City-lehti 19/2007: Kaupungin parhaat: Kaupungin paras Rock-kuvaaja, "The Best of the City: Best Rock Photographer", major tabloid magazine of Helsinki, in Finnish


Photo books

-Apocalyptica: Photobook (2011)

-Nightwish: Dark Passion Gallery (2008)

-The 69 Eyes: Ruote 69 (2006)

Other books (more than half of these books is photography)

-Rock’n’roll Juicer (juicing/lifestyle book) Like Publishing 2016

-Kabuki Aki (cookery/lifestyle book) Like Publishing 2006

-Sinä onnistut 2 (fitness book) Gummerus 2005

-Sinä onnistut 1 (fitness book) Gummerus 2004

-Papa Giovanni - Aitoa elämää (cookery book) WSOY 2002

Exhibitions (selected)

-Vantaa Art Museum ARTSI, Vantaa FIN: “You & Me in a Portrait” & "Cover Art - Long Live Vinyl" (both were as part of a group show but Juurikkala's portraits were the main pieces at “You & Me in a Portrait”) 2016

-Art on A Gallery, New York, NY: “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” (as part of a group show) 2016

-Tiketti Galleria, Helsinki FIN: “It’s Only Rock’n’Roll” (retrospective solo exhibition) 2015

-Ivana Helsinki Concept Store, New York NY: “Islander” (solo exhibition) 2012

-Finnfest 2011, San Diego CA: "Art With Finnish Feelings” (as part of a group show), 2011

-Colosseum Fine Arts, Los Angeles CA: "Rock'n'Roll Portraits" (as part of a group show) 2010

-Collective Hardware, New York NY: "The Finnish Landscape" (as part of a group show), 2009

-Gershwin Hotel, New York NY: "Route 69" (solo exhibition) 2006

-Tennispalatsi, Helsinki FIN: "Keisarikunta" (solo exhibition) 2004


-Patricia Seppälä Foundation, "Islander" -photo exhibition in New York: 2500 euro (2012)

-Suomen kulttuurirahaston Etelä-Savon rahasto, for the artistic work: 5500 euro (2011)

-Finnfoto ry, "Rock dads" -photo book: 1000 euro (2010)

-ESEK, "Nightwish: A Day Before Tomorrow" -dokumentary film: 5000 euro (2005)


-Oulu Music Video Festival (People's Choice Winner): Michael Monroe - Ballad of Lower East Side (2013)

-City-magazine's Best of the City (City-lehden kaupungin parhaat): The Best Rock Photographer (2007)

-Grafia's Best of the Finnish Advertising (Vuoden huiput): Photographer of "Young Director Award" –poster (2007)

-Kultajyvä (advertising award): Photographer of "Young Director Award" –poster (2007)